Why You Should Try LARPing

Live Action Role Playing or LARP as it is popularly known involves participants playing out a favorite or fictional character in a fantasy setting. Imaginative, inventing and entertaining, LARP is an immersive experience that is being increasingly viewed as free-form amateur dramatics. Those who love live-action role-play describe it as a form of interactive storytelling. […]

Art Therapy Wellness Solution

Share this information on Facebook1Share this text on Twitter3Share this information on LinkedinShare this information on Delicious1Share this text on Digg1Share this information on RedditShare this post on PinterestExpert Writer Lois Dewitt What’s Artwork THERAPY? Artwork therapy, as outlined via the American Artwork Therapy Association, will be the therapeutic use of constructing artwork, inside of […]

My Memory of Leonard Cohen: A Motivational Individual

If Leonard Cohen had been a company or a corporation he would certainly have shown many of the current contenders how to do it. What showmanship, what quality, what teamwork – and what innovation (or creativity in music/poetry-speak). Way back, in ’09, July time, I went to see his World Tour at the Mercedes-Benz World. […]

John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band

1970 proved a fruitful year for the solo Beatles, George Harrison releasing his behemoth ‘All Things Must Pass’, Paul McCartney cobbling his arresting homemade debut and John Lennon expressing his soul in a manner he never again equaled. ‘Plastic Ono Band’, a compilation of thirty years of anger thrown on record, proved a compelling album, […]

Actors – There’s an App for That

There are numerous phone apps that will make the actor’s life easier. An awareness of these tools can increase the efficiency of learning one’s craft as well as improving marketing efforts. This article spotlights what basic types of apps are available plus the benefits and caveats of using them. An actor’s life is constantly on […]

Rating of Wooden Model Ship Kit Manufacturers

There are about twenty wooden design ship package brands all over the globe. It might be tough to determine who’s kit will match the product ship builder the most effective because of each of the variables included. The reasoning is always to match up the kit producer Using the wants and desires with the builder […]

Help Your Kids Enjoy a Trip to a Performing Arts Theatre

Taking children to a performing arts theatre can help them develop an interest in the arts and drama, but planning the excursion can be stressful for many parents. Though there will always be a bit of chaos when asking young children to sit through a performance of any kind, be it live theatre or a […]

Advice on Buying a New or Used Boat

Purchasing a new boat: Are you presently scheduling on paying for a different boat? Whether you are a first time boat operator, or are already navigating the waters for many years, There are some steps you should just take. As exciting as it is actually; buying a new boat will not be some thing that […]

An Analysis of the Music Industry: EDM Industry

EDM GROWTH STATISTICS 2018: When it comes to music, the world has a few EDM growth statistics that prove just how valuable music is to society. Music, more specifically EDM, or electronic dance music, has made quite the impact these past few years toward their target market and listeners all over the world. Just in […]